Mountain View, California (on the San Francisco peninsula)

Western Montessori Day School Offers:

• Established 1965
• A Prepared Environment for 2.5 to 5 Age Group
• Completely Equipped With Quality Montessori Materials
• Before and After School Care Available
• Fully Fenced and Supervised Grounds
• Multi-Cultural Enrollment
• Friendly Relaxed Professional Staff
• Parents Always Welcome
• Trained Credentialed Teachers
M(Certified Association Montessori Internationale)
• Full Montessori Curriculum
M(Practical Life, Math, Language, Geography, Science ...)
• Easy Access from All Routes
M(El Camino, Central Expressway, 85, 237, 101)

About Western Montessori:

Welcome to our school! We would like to give you an introductory overview of our Montessori program.
Our goals and methods are in keeping with the traditional AMI Montessori approach to learning.
The Association Montessori Internationale was established in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori to maintain
and further her ideas and principles about child development. AMI is the oldest authority on Montessori education.

Our foremost goal is to provide a prepared environment where your child is able to respond to his or her natural
instinct to work and learn. The undivided attention of our teachers will help your children to be able to say: "I don't need to pay someone to do my math homework, I can do it myself". Within this setting the teacher nurtures and gives guidance to encourage the child’s
independence and love of learning. For example, children are naturally drawn to the tasks of daily living - therefore
Dr. Montessori established the Practical Life area. This area lays the foundation for the entire Montessori approach
to education. The Practical Life tasks are what the new three-year-old first explores in the classroom. As he or she
progressively masters various basic skills the challenges become more complex and abstract.

The Montessori classroom consists of a three year age mix. This allows for both individual and social development.
The more experienced children contribute their skills to the younger ones in the group. The morning work time
includes the 3-5 year-olds. At noon the 3 year olds leave. We encourage the 4 and 5 year-olds to stay full day
(until 3:00 pm). This allows the older children to have an extended work time in the afternoon with more focus and
concentration. We also strive for a full morning work time of 3 hours to allow complete cycles of activity to take
place and give the child the greatest benefit of the Montessori environment. This does not mean that they stay
indoors the entire time since the Montessori environment includes the outdoors. There are many activities and
explorations the child will participate in while outdoors.

Each child’s unique personality is encouraged. Discovering the joy of learning and developing social and intellectual
skills are the foundation of our Montessori program. The children are absorbing so much at this age and we want to
ensure that they are happy and secure throughout this time.

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